summer solstice, love, and upliftment

Happy summer solstice! As of this writing (6:02pm) EDT, the sun has just ingressed into the sign of Cancer. Today being the day of maximum illumination brings to mind a few ideas about the sun and what that can mean. The sun is the source of life in our solar system. Without its light there … Continue reading summer solstice, love, and upliftment

stress reducer 677c: facing ourselves

It contributes to sickness and suffering, and doesn't not contribute to suffering and sickness: chronic, maladaptive stress. To enjoy better health, then, requires we devote adequate time, energy, and other internal resources to ourselves in the name of uplifting these situations. Mind and body are, like the coin's heads and tails, inseparably interwoven. Today's post … Continue reading stress reducer 677c: facing ourselves

stress reducer 677b: shifting perceptions

Today's post continues on the topic of learning how to objectively witness thoughts and feelings. This skill is a crucial component in the stress reduction equation. Since chronic, maladaptive stress contributes to sickness, and doesn't not contribute to sickness, the serious student of health would invest due resources in resolving the root causes of it. … Continue reading stress reducer 677b: shifting perceptions