health supporter #300: heart

What's red, beautiful to the eye, slightly tart, makes for a refreshing beverage warm or cold, and can benefit our heart and blood vessels when consumed regularly? According to a 2013 research article, this medicinal plant has shown blood pressure-lowering and total cholesterol-reducing effects while being very low on the toxicity spectrum. A 2007 study … Continue reading health supporter #300: heart

sample acupuncture treatment for forearm-wrist-hand conditions

For carpal tunnel syndrome, certain presentations of numbness and tingling in the fingers, pain in the forearm, and related conditions, acupuncturists may administer treatments like the one in the above photo to reduce pain, accelerate recovery, and improve circulation in the muscles and connective tissues using superfine, pre-sterilized needles. Appointments now available in Hillsborough, NJ! … Continue reading sample acupuncture treatment for forearm-wrist-hand conditions