14 practices for easing tension

Honor what’s in front of you for what it is and what it isn’t.

Recognize your expectations of how things should or should not be.

Recognize that back of expectations is the duo of anger and fear.

Practice willingness to listen.

Practice willingness to see from the opponent’s perspective

Recollect that like many trees grow in one forest, so too do we come forth from One Source.

Practice compassion for those whose hearts are clouded by pride and fear.

Practice non-hostility toward those whose Spirit Light is bedimmed by Not-Knowing.

Recognize where cruelty and hostility exist within you, right here and right now.

Recognize that cruelty and hostility are afflictions that poison the waters from which we all must drink.

Recognize the suffering that we create and contribute to under the theses of cruelty and hostility.

Commit to healing those afflictions with the medicine of Truth.

Recognize that Truth, pursued deeply enough, ultimately uplifts one and all.

Spend time in the company of those whose wisdom, whose connection to Life exceeds your own.

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