Three weeks ago, I was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy. I immediately began Acupuncture with Justin and the results were amazing. After each treatment, I was getting progressively better. I had no pain at all but my left side of my face was weak. I am about 50 – 75% better with increased strength in my facial muscle movement, ability to smile and chew food on my left side. I would highly recommend Justin to my friends and family for Bell’s Palsy treatment as well as other health related issues. He’s the BEST!! –KI


“I’ve been a patient of Justin’s for years. He is compassionate practitioner and takes the time to understand, evaluate and help the patient to heal physical and mental imbalances. Justin has my appreciation and confidence” –MR


After acupuncture treatment I feel relaxed for days! I also feel less pain in my neck and shoulders from my car accident.  -HY.


I had such bad tension in my back, it was like almost as if I was carrying someone on my back. Finally I decided to see Justin my favorite acupuncturist, and his treatment helped me completely. I was relieved immediately. -GV.


I can’t ever believe my body’s response to acupuncture, it never ceases to amaze me.I have used acupuncture for various reasons over the years, but I was particularly reminded of its power during a recent bout of plantar fasciitis. After only a couple of sessions with Justin, the difference was really meaningful. My pain levels plummeted, my range of motion increased and I was literally back on my feet again in no time, thanks to acupuncture. -MS.


After 8 sessions, the pain in my left arm that was bothering me for almost 6 weeks has been greatly reduced…by 80%! Before treatment, putting on a jacket was difficult. Thanks to Justin, now I have an easier time moving my arm and shoulder. I highly recommend him   -SM


” For the pain and stiffness in my neck and back from the car accident, I feel a significant degree of tension release and a lightness of being that I never felt from medication…when I leave your treatment, I feel good all during the day. I had steroid shots, but I get better relief from the acupuncture.”          -CA

“I first came to Justin seeking acupuncture for elbow/forearm pain that persisted months after surgery and rehab therapy for a torn tendon. Besides the pain, picking up objects with the affected arm was difficult, and there was ongoing stiffness and decreased range of motion. Before the initial course of treatment was completed, the area of pain had shrunk considerably and my range of motion improved. When I came in for the sixth and last session of the course, the pain was almost completely gone.”          -PD.


“You’re gonna love it! After my fourth treatment, the pain levels in my neck and back were reduced by over half. This therapy has also really helped me reduce my stress and anxiety, which helps my body feel much better.”          -RF.


“After my accident, I would feel numbness and tingling in the area of the scar on my scalp, especially during humid weather. Acupuncture treatment has significantly decreased the intensity of this pain. The movement in my neck has been so much better. The tightness which was there before feels more relaxed now. My sleep has been more sound, my husband tells me I toss and turn less. Thank you!”          -MA.


“I had left-sided neck pain for nine years which would reach up to 10/10 when severe; at my third session I told Justin that I hadn’t had any pain for 36 hours.”          -KL.


 “After my third acupuncture session, my fibromyalgia pain went from a near-constant 6-7/10 to a 2/10. I also experienced a definite improvement in my quality of sleep”          -YD.


“I am beyond pleased with Justin as my acupuncturist. The low back pain that has plagued me for 3 years was relieved….I believe him to be superior to the other acupuncturists that have treated me.” –OM.

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