health helper 213: opening back up

She shared with me how bad feelings still lingered within her toward a certain neighbor. Over the course of an argument, that neighbor had spewed unkind energies, words, and actions bordering, my friend felt, on racist. The original incident had taken place about five years earlier; to date, they still do not speak to each … Continue reading health helper 213: opening back up

health improver 377b: lungs

In my last blog post I hoped to get us thinking more about the ever-present connection between mind and body, citing the results of a study that linked chronic hostility--a form of stress--with poorer lung function. Being mindful of this reality is of immediate practical value, and helps us to work more intelligently with regard … Continue reading health improver 377b: lungs

14 practices for easing tension

Honor what's in front of you for what it is and what it isn't. Recognize your expectations of how things should or should not be. Recognize that back of expectations is the duo of anger and fear. Practice willingness to listen. Practice willingness to see from the opponent's perspective Recollect that like many trees grow … Continue reading 14 practices for easing tension