A personal message from Justin:

Hello community. Due to difficulties secondary to the COVID-19 pandemic, all clinic locations are closed at this time. Stay connected through the Epicenter Wellness blog, or on Facebook and Instagram by searching  @epicenterwellness. You may also contact me using the form below. Thank for your interest!

My goal is to assist you in your search for greater well-being using my knowledge of and experience with acupuncture, therapeutic bodywork, cupping, and the other modalities of Oriental Medicine.

The reality of our human experience is not just physical, but mental, emotional, and spiritual as well. Therefore, during my time with patients I aim to provide prompt and lasting relief of bodily symptoms while also examining the total person and helping, when appropriate, cultivate health through upstream active work such as lifestyle modification and restorative exercises.

 The epicenter of health, the beginning and end of disease, cannot be found outside ourselves; ultimately, my role is merely that of a guide.

I look forward to walking together with you on the path toward epic wellness!

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