health booster 607: get your neck feeling better

Purpose: When done properly, this exercise refreshes the circulation in the information pathways of the neck through a combination of stretching and twisting energies. Benefits include potential for reducing the risks of eye strain and neck-shoulder-upper back problems (a.k.a. tech neck) that can develop when the mind and eyes habitually stare at a single object … Continue reading health booster 607: get your neck feeling better

self-care practice 063: eyes

Intentionally relaxing the eyes after intervals of visual activity is an overlooked self-care practice. Today we help fill in that gap with an easy-to-implement exercise that has as a side benefit cultivation of self-awareness. Our eyes move in various directions by virtue of both instructions given them by the mind and the muscles-nerves which connect … Continue reading self-care practice 063: eyes

health protector #315

Traditional Oriental Medicine corresponds the Liver-Gallbladder system to the current spring season, and posits that the Liver connects to the eyes. So it is that we bring you today's blog post: an exercise to help protect-maintain eye health. Especially useful for those of you who regularly spend up to several hours of work/leisure time staring … Continue reading health protector #315