health improver 432: the hatred out there

"...the next step in your development will be that you realize that your own lack of understanding causes the hurt and therefore the hatred." Pathwork Lecture 89 Mind-heart is upstream/yang, gross physicality is downstream/yin. Hatred being a sickness of the mind-heart, it eventually results in sickness of the body. When the body persists in sickness, … Continue reading health improver 432: the hatred out there

stress reducer 835

In the middle of a fresh bout of worry, agitation, bad-tripping, and stressing, the following appeared in my mind: The worried mind abides not in Truth. The Truth-abiding mind worries not. The sick mind does not heal itself from disease without help. The worried mind does not free itself from its suffering without help. After … Continue reading stress reducer 835

stress reducer 677c: facing ourselves

It contributes to sickness and suffering, and doesn't not contribute to suffering and sickness: chronic, maladaptive stress. To enjoy better health, then, requires we devote adequate time, energy, and other internal resources to ourselves in the name of uplifting these situations. Mind and body are, like the coin's heads and tails, inseparably interwoven. Today's post … Continue reading stress reducer 677c: facing ourselves