health improver 377a: lungs

Persistent anger harms our physical health in ways we may not recognize. A 2006 study published in the British journal Thorax found a connection between the tendency toward hostile attitudes and a decline in lung function. From the study: Higher levels of hostility were associated with both lower levels of pulmonary function at baseline and … Continue reading health improver 377a: lungs

wellness supporter 602

Image Credit Autumn corresponds to the Metal Phase in the Five Phase Doctrine of Chinese philosophy. Traditional Oriental Medicine (TOM) theory, having been influenced by these ideas at least a century before the birth of Christ, ascribes the Organ Systems of the Lung and Large Intestine to the Metal Phase. To get mildly geeky on … Continue reading wellness supporter 602

fatigue decreaser 624

It's nice having ample amounts of vim and vigor with which we can dance through our day. It's not so nice to drag your feet throughout the day, unduly relying on caffeine, carbs, or caffeine-carb combos --for energy boosts. In the Oriental philosophical/metaphysical doctrine of the Five Phases which forms a part of Traditional Oriental … Continue reading fatigue decreaser 624