health level-up 653: tips for effective change

With winter waning and the spring energies waxing, we may find gradually awakening in ourselves ideas of new beginnings, setting goals, prepping for "spring cleaning". Just today, during a brief stroll on my lunch break, my senses caught an unmistakable harbinger of things to come, not seen nor heard for the past few months: baby … Continue reading health level-up 653: tips for effective change

health builder 116: foundation principles

The Urinary Bladder (UB) system, in the paradigm of Oriental Medicine, is the yang companion to the yin Kidney system. Both Organ/Channel systems, as well as the winter season (maximum yin, or yin within yin) are assigned to the Water Phase in the doctrine of the Five Phases. The Urinary Bladder Channel is the longest … Continue reading health builder 116: foundation principles

joint health support 657: knees

Hey hey! Happy new year to you, hope the coming cycle brings the wealth, wisdom, and wholeness for which we all deeply yearn. Today's post features two exercises for maintaining the health of the knee joints which can be easily incorporated into your current health maintenance program. For better or worse, as we age some … Continue reading joint health support 657: knees