energy circulator 688

Today's post features an exercise for maintaining healthy circulation in what Traditional Oriental Medicine (TOM) calls "the lower yin": the interweave of organs, muscles/connective tissues, glands, vessels, nerves, thoughts, feelings, etc. in the pelvic base. When the Qi and Blood are robust and no disease processes have taken hold, the opening and closing of the … Continue reading energy circulator 688

fatigue decreaser 624

It's nice having ample amounts of vim and vigor with which we can dance through our day. It's not so nice to drag your feet throughout the day, unduly relying on caffeine, carbs, or caffeine-carb combos --for energy boosts. In the Oriental philosophical/metaphysical doctrine of the Five Phases which forms a part of Traditional Oriental … Continue reading fatigue decreaser 624

Integrated Breathing

In discussing the essentials of good health, a balanced diet and regular exercise are usually the first topics on the table. What gets less attention, however, is the importance of our breath habits in contributing to the vitality, clarity, and happiness we experience daily. For the person interested boosting health from adequate to awesome, the … Continue reading Integrated Breathing