5 tips for staying cool: system balancer 881

We in the northern hemisphere are in the full swing of summer, the season of greater yang in traditional Oriental cosmology. The June solstice was the moment of utmost yang, and since then we are in an imperceptible crawl back down toward fall and winter--but the blazing rays of the sun easily blur that reality! … Continue reading 5 tips for staying cool: system balancer 881

summer solstice, love, and upliftment

Happy summer solstice! As of this writing (6:02pm) EDT, the sun has just ingressed into the sign of Cancer. Today being the day of maximum illumination brings to mind a few ideas about the sun and what that can mean. The sun is the source of life in our solar system. Without its light there … Continue reading summer solstice, love, and upliftment

system balancer 715: diet

Oriental Medicine (OM)--one of the oldest continuously practiced healing systems in the world--has a special perspective on crafting balanced meals. If you're looking to prevent disease and stay well, the right mix of foods is crucial. More sophisticated than the modern concept of protein-carb-fat ratios, OM seeks energetic balance both in yin-yang and in the … Continue reading system balancer 715: diet