self-care practice 063: eyes

Intentionally relaxing the eyes after intervals of visual activity is an overlooked self-care practice. Today we help fill in that gap with an easy-to-implement exercise that has as a side benefit cultivation of self-awareness. Our eyes move in various directions by virtue of both instructions given them by the mind and the muscles-nerves which connect … Continue reading self-care practice 063: eyes

productivity booster 500

One hidden opportunity during this time of COVID and quarantining is deepening our self-awareness through reflection exercises. It is similar to our body's inner resources being freed to "clean house" when we abstain from food during a period of therapeutic fasting. Given the extra time many of us have while not engaging in the usual … Continue reading productivity booster 500

immune support 128

Serious about staying safe during this COVID pandemic? Get right with keeping your immune system in shape. There is no day of our lives wherein the status of our defensive fighters is not important, but given our present circumstances it's, like, super-important. Mental-emotional stress, when chronic and persistent, contributes to dysregulation of the immune system … Continue reading immune support 128