health improver 432: the hatred out there

"...the next step in your development will be that you realize that your own lack of understanding causes the hurt and therefore the hatred." Pathwork Lecture 89 Mind-heart is upstream/yang, gross physicality is downstream/yin. Hatred being a sickness of the mind-heart, it eventually results in sickness of the body. When the body persists in sickness, … Continue reading health improver 432: the hatred out there

health booster 607: get your neck feeling better

Purpose: When done properly, this exercise refreshes the circulation in the information pathways of the neck through a combination of stretching and twisting energies. Benefits include potential for reducing the risks of eye strain and neck-shoulder-upper back problems (a.k.a. tech neck) that can develop when the mind and eyes habitually stare at a single object … Continue reading health booster 607: get your neck feeling better

wellness support 317: humility

...don't give up on attaining freedom, achieving humility, serving others, obeying God.Marcus Aurelius, Meditations 7.67 Hays translation Humility. Isn't there a dark side to it that we should recognize? It's ordinarily thought of as a virtue, but given how good we humans are at twisting the truth and hiding vice under playing nice let's practice … Continue reading wellness support 317: humility