stress reducer 677b: shifting perceptions

Today's post continues on the topic of learning how to objectively witness thoughts and feelings. This skill is a crucial component in the stress reduction equation. Since chronic, maladaptive stress contributes to sickness, and doesn't not contribute to sickness, the serious student of health would invest due resources in resolving the root causes of it. … Continue reading stress reducer 677b: shifting perceptions

energy circulator 688

Today's post features an exercise for maintaining healthy circulation in what Traditional Oriental Medicine (TOM) calls "the lower yin": the interweave of organs, muscles/connective tissues, glands, vessels, nerves, thoughts, feelings, etc. in the pelvic base. When the Qi and Blood are robust and no disease processes have taken hold, the opening and closing of the … Continue reading energy circulator 688

The one key skill to practice more for eating less

My friend and fellow Oriental Medicine practitioner Mike was over one day and, as conversations wend their way through this field and that, our talk eventually came to eating habits and dietary needs. He mentioned something interesting, something about how people who eat slower tend to not put on as much weight, to be leaner. … Continue reading The one key skill to practice more for eating less