stress healer 403

April is National Stress Awareness Month. False appearances are a source of unending stress, suffering, and sorrow. Living in truth brings peace, contentment, and happiness. Breaking the cycle is deep work, but involves: 1) connecting outer unhappiness with inner unhappiness, 2) mustering the courage and humility to admit the truth of things, 3) loving yourself … Continue reading stress healer 403

disease preventer 997: joy

Durable joy--a state of contentment not dependent on external circumstances--is an ingredient in robust health. Lack of joy is an essential root condition of sickness. In order to abide in a joyful mind, it's necessary to recognize where our existence is joyless. So how do we work on leveling-up from such unhappy states? Living in … Continue reading disease preventer 997: joy

disease destroyer 199: meditation

"Meditation is as precious as gold. It is one of the best ways to attain material prosperity, spiritual progress, peace and liberation. If, along with our meditation we develop compassion, it is like gold with a fragrance, something priceless and utterly unique." Mata Amritanandamayi This was one of many gems gifted during a visit to … Continue reading disease destroyer 199: meditation