Easing tension–honoring what’s in front of us

As mentioned in our last post, one way to ease tension (and thus mental, emotional, and physical pain/suffering) is the practice of honoring what's in front of us for what it is and what it isn't. How does such a practice benefit us? Honoring what's in front of us is a form of acceptance. Acceptance … Continue reading Easing tension–honoring what’s in front of us

disease preventer 997: joy

Durable joy--a state of contentment not dependent on external circumstances--is an ingredient in robust health. Lack of joy is an essential root condition of sickness. In order to abide in a joyful mind, it's necessary to recognize where our existence is joyless. So how do we work on leveling-up from such unhappy states? Living in … Continue reading disease preventer 997: joy

stress reducer 395

We were conversing over craft pours at the local microbrewery, strangers in the process of becoming acquaintances. Talk drifted in the direction of livelihood (so what do you do for a living?) and therefore to acupuncture. My man--whom I'll call Indy--recounted his episode of acute-onset lower back pain while in Korea for work. He contrasted … Continue reading stress reducer 395