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We were conversing over craft pours at the local microbrewery, strangers in the process of becoming acquaintances. Talk drifted in the direction of livelihood (so what do you do for a living?) and therefore to acupuncture. My man--whom I'll call Indy--recounted his episode of acute-onset lower back pain while in Korea for work. He contrasted … Continue reading stress reducer 395

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Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional Some pain is healthy, some pain is unhealthy. Healthy pain includes the mending process following injury, childbirth, &/or surgery. Unhealthy pain includes chronic conditions affecting mind, muscles, joints, and organs. Pain can be alleviated by substances consumed: a matter of outside in. These tend to be palliative, temporary, fast … Continue reading pain alleviater 330

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Elevated blood pressure, poor sleep, decreased sexual potency, habitual bickering in the family, fragile happiness easily broken: these dis-eased states and more co-occur when the mind and heart flow in chronic irritability. What do you want to create? In what direction is your mind actually oriented? Healthy blood pressure, restful sleep, optimal sexual potency, harmonious … Continue reading irritability decreaser 804