system depressurize

Keeping the signals in our nervous system healthy to the extent we are able reduces/prevents pain and suffering. Cultivating well-being along these lines enhances our vitality, maintains harmonious Qi flow, and allows us to love and serve more effectively. We remember that pain and suffering takes many forms both within our own vehicle (headaches, allergies, … Continue reading system depressurize

Holistic pain relief: the method that’s right under our noses

When we're in pain, we understandably want to get out of that pain as quickly as possible and back to our usual routines. In addition to consistently attending any therapies we've been prescribed, there are other ways to be proactive about our healing process--and one of those is optimizing a process that we're already doing … Continue reading Holistic pain relief: the method that’s right under our noses

Healing Mind, Healing Body

When we have an area of painful affliction within our being--whether in our own body or between ourselves and another--and that area of painful affliction persists for some time, we understandably become concerned. We may become unable to enjoy, let alone perform, activities that we may have taken for granted in the past. In speaking … Continue reading Healing Mind, Healing Body