she shared openly

I overheard the exchange as I penned the information where requested on the sheet. Dad biz…really of minor significance compared to her eyes.

She’s gonna be Elsa for Halloween.

Ah…you’re gonna be blonde, huh? said the grandmotherly type behind the counter.

The rest of their conversation–don’t know, don’t remember.

It was her shenming–her “spirit light” as Chinese medicine calls it–shining through the windows of those wide eyes that completely captivated me. So pure…so naive.

I’m doing this thing, and I just want you to know about it because it’s so great! Absolutely nothing asked for in return, how contrary to the proclivities of us mature ones. So refreshing…

The world, it knocks down dreams. But her dreams hadn’t yet been subjected to the harsher realities that grown-ups have tasted. Her eyes have not yet been clouded by the ways of the world.

And that’s why it was so freaking awesome. It was like a reminder.

We adults become scared to share. I withhold, thinking “no one’s gonna care anyway…”

The question arose in my mind: is it possible for us to somehow re-learn this virtue, fully knowing what cruelty the world can bring to a dream shared openly but yet sharing it anyway?

The question arises: her wide eyed ebullience that taught me volumes without her even aware of my existence, can we bring some degree of it back into our worldly interactions, fully aware of the inner fears that say it’s better and safer not to, and yet choosing to do so anyway–because such belongs to what’s pure in us?

Thank you, little girl. You taught me something important.


Justin Jaucian, MS, BA is a NJ licensed acupuncturist and 12-year practitioner of Chinese Medicine specializing in pain syndromes. He also offers preventive wellness programs based on Chinese medicine’s holistic principles and practices with a focus on maintaining the health of the spinal column.

Copyright (c) 2014, Justin Jaucian

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