qi flow optimizer 918

Health is wealth. Even though life is busy, proactive self-care is crucial for staying at our optimal and decreasing our risk for pain and suffering (and remember--when we suffer, the ones who love us also suffer). Today's post covers some foundation-level exercises for maintaining healthy circulation in our neck. Now, some of you might be … Continue reading qi flow optimizer 918

health protector #315

Traditional Oriental Medicine corresponds the Liver-Gallbladder system to the current spring season, and posits that the Liver connects to the eyes. So it is that we bring you today's blog post: an exercise to help protect-maintain eye health. Especially useful for those of you who regularly spend up to several hours of work/leisure time staring … Continue reading health protector #315

wellness enhancer #709

Exercise: Big Toe Expansive Circles Most of us working Americans spend several hours seated at a desk or standing at a work station. Without realizing it, we can fall into habits of limited physical expression which little by little over the course of many years favor the development of 1) stiffness-inflammation-pain in the muscles, tendons, … Continue reading wellness enhancer #709