self-care practice 063: eyes

Intentionally relaxing the eyes after intervals of visual activity is an overlooked self-care practice. Today we help fill in that gap with an easy-to-implement exercise that has as a side benefit cultivation of self-awareness. Our eyes move in various directions by virtue of both instructions given them by the mind and the muscles-nerves which connect … Continue reading self-care practice 063: eyes

health enhancer 168b: on health and honoring 2

Why do we at times find it so difficult to extend goodwill to others? And why is it so easy to launch off on a rant (whether out loud or silently) when someone rubs us the wrong way? It comes down to our expectations. Physical well-being, absence of suffering, mental-emotional good-spiritedness: these are the natural … Continue reading health enhancer 168b: on health and honoring 2