happiness promoter 570: Lies

We sometimes have learned to tell lies in order to preserve or enhance some structure, some position in the social fabric. After some time it becomes normalized. Like a fish swimming in polluted water so long that doesn’t notice anything amiss. It’s not right, but there’s no other frame of reference to raise any mental … Continue reading happiness promoter 570: Lies

health supporter 491

Our ability to decrease suffering and increase happiness in our lives is directly proportional to, among other things, our sharpness of discernment. Our sharpness of discernment is proportional to, among other things, the degree to which we speak truth. When we ignorantly speak untruth, in our deepest conscience know we are doing wrong. Knowing we … Continue reading health supporter 491

health helper 213: opening back up

She shared with me how bad feelings still lingered within her toward a certain neighbor. Over the course of an argument, that neighbor had spewed unkind energies, words, and actions bordering, my friend felt, on racist. The original incident had taken place about five years earlier; to date, they still do not speak to each … Continue reading health helper 213: opening back up