wellness booster #603

The ancient Greeks had a term to describe that desirable sense of happiness and well-being: eudaimonia, "good-spiritedness". The internal state of eudaimonia has as its external, physical reflection a neurochemistry supporting relaxation and healing. A neurochemistry supporting relaxation and healing decreases the tendency toward tension and inflammation, two key dynamics in many disease processes, including … Continue reading wellness booster #603

anxiety decreaser # K54

You want optimal health. You understand that it takes work. You get that grandma’s old school advice was right: one dollar invested to prevent problems is preferable to shelling out sixteen dollars to solve problems. You appreciate that new-fangled thinking that was just popularized a few thousand years ago: mind and body are inseparably interwoven. Now … Continue reading anxiety decreaser # K54

The one key skill to practice more for eating less

My friend and fellow Oriental Medicine practitioner Mike was over one day and, as conversations wend their way through this field and that, our talk eventually came to eating habits and dietary needs. He mentioned something interesting, something about how people who eat slower tend to not put on as much weight, to be leaner. … Continue reading The one key skill to practice more for eating less