stress reducer 755: anger

Traditional Oriental Medicine has, for at least 2000 years, acknowledged the link between mental-emotional imbalance and physical disease. Consider the following excerpt from the Huangdi Neijing, or Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic, a text estimated to date from the 1st century BC: When one is angry, then the qi rises. When one is happy, then the … Continue reading stress reducer 755: anger

wellness booster #603

The ancient Greeks had a term to describe that desirable sense of happiness and well-being: eudaimonia, "good-spiritedness". The internal state of eudaimonia has as its external, physical reflection a neurochemistry supporting relaxation and healing. A neurochemistry supporting relaxation and healing decreases the tendency toward tension and inflammation, two key dynamics in many disease processes, including … Continue reading wellness booster #603

anxiety decreaser # K54

You want optimal health. You understand that it takes work. You get that grandma’s old school advice was right: one dollar invested to prevent problems is preferable to shelling out sixteen dollars to solve problems. You appreciate that new-fangled thinking that was just popularized a few thousand years ago: mind and body are inseparably interwoven. Now … Continue reading anxiety decreaser # K54