2WAI outcomes

 2WAI (pronounced two-way) outcomes :



for All


Commitment to seeking 2WAI outcomes in all our daily challenges organically shifts our thinking away from relationship-harming self-centeredness and in the direction of collective benefit. We sleep better at night, our minds and hearts develop a durable peace, we develop a compassionate awareness of others’ circumstances, we’re able to serve others more effectively no matter the job. Butterflies may suddenly hover around us, being careful to stay just the right distance from the sensitive areas of our faces and high-fiving each other in celebration.

You may have come across this spirit by its other nifty acronyms:

3GN: Greatest Good for the Greatest Number

HiGoATI: Highest Good of All That Is.


A few thoughts:

> just like the chain’s only as strong as its weakest link, we can only really talk the walk of 2WAI outcomes to the extent we’re stuck in that limiting mentality of stubbornly wanting things our way and harboring a deep refusal to compromise.

It takes committed work to honestly examine ourselves and unearth these ugly truths about our character. But doing so is crucial to the process that allows the medicine of wisdom to make contact and sink in…you know, like sea-son-in’.  

> discerning 2WAI outcomes in real time involves an intentional act of decision (for example: let it be such that this experience moves forward on the path of Win-Win for All Involved), bolstered by a genuine desire to flow in higher truth.

> we have a great body of support in our work when we: recognize our living connection to that Blessed Cosmic Wisdom Who Goes By Many Names; explicitly ask for Guidance as to what the 2WAI outcomes are in a given situation; and in faith empty the cup (read: get out of our own way) so we can intuitively receive the Guidance we need when it’s needed.

> develop a mature, good-minded attitude when conscience prevents us from breathing peacefully, spurring us to look back and acknowledge that recently some deep-rooted selfishness ruled the day and caused us to think-act-speak in some harmful way. I have heard it said that butterflies do not like the smell of selfishness.

> just as with upper-tier athletes, depth of skill develops with dedication to consistent practice over the long-term.


The man said it’s always the right time to do the right thing. Seeking the 2WAI outcome leads to the right path where everyone benefits. Godspeed, dear friends.

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