a step closer to durable happiness

In my asleep state, I thought it was all about me.

Thinking it was all about me, I coerced others.

Coercing others, I contributed to suffering.

Contributing to suffering, I lived in fear and hatred.

Living in fear and hatred, inner peace was difficult to find.

* * *

Having gotten woke, I realized it’s not all about me.

Thinking “it’s not all about me”, I do not coerce others.

Not coercing others, I do not contribute to suffering.

Not contributing to suffering, I do not live in fear and hatred.

Not living in fear and hatred, inner peace is not difficult to find.

* * *

In this house with many rooms, I’ve restored to order that which I realized was in disorder. Having restored order to what was in disorder by following the advice of sages, I abide in durable happiness. Realizing the ever-present risk of tumbling back down, I practice guarding this treasure. Work’s been done, still more work to be done.

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