9 Movements sun enriching water

1) From starting position, inhale while bringing hands palms-up to sternum, about level with the shoulder joint. 2) Exhale, extending the arms outward in front of the body, still more-or-less level with the shoulder. Palms facing outward, fingers gently outstretched. Avoid locking joints, release unnecessary muscle tension. 3) Inhale, turning the palms toward the body … Continue reading 9 Movements sun enriching water

9 Movements: Range of Motion

  Perform each movement 3 times in each direction, emphasizing quality over quantity. Remember to practice maintaining a mindful goodwill connection to each body part. * Neck circles Tortoise exercises Circular shoulder shrugging Clasped hands orbiting¬†head Elbow circles Wrist circles Opening and closing fingers Waist circles Waist swiveling (sexy dance) Swaying branches Windmills Knee circles … Continue reading 9 Movements: Range of Motion