long-form free flow

Is it time to move forward or stagnate in time?

Moving forward one must be careful.

Stagnating in time one is unhappy.

For the comfort seeker the entire enterprise is difficult.

For the cross picker-upper the entire enterprise is noble.

One who stays forward moves back.

One who hangs back is put out front.

The third chakra, navel center.

Filled with impurities, distortion.

Distorted, unrest.

Unrest, agitation.

Agitation, disease.

Disease, suffering.

Suffering, blindness.

Circle a-turn.

Disrupt it.

Disrupting, newness.

Newness, change.

Change, also unrest.

Right unrest, progress.

Progress, justice.

Justice, peace.

Peace, shaking of hands.

Shaking of hands, bridges.

Bridges, information sharing.

Information sharing, tranquility.

Tranquility, amicable debate.

Amicable debate, trust.

Trust, non-agitation.

Non-agitation, sleeping well.

Sleeping well, health.

Health, joy.

Joy, freedom.

Freedom, bliss.

Bliss, completion.

Completion, knowing,

Unknowing precedes knowing.

Knowing precedes unknowing.

The empty cup is fillable.

Pride precedes fortunes.

Licking the cup is fellatious.

Felons feed churches.

What is the use of propping up a dead tree on the shoreline?

Pick the living fruit from the green-leafed plant.


Third chakra,

digestive system.

Elimination system

Respiratory system

the lower influences the higher.

so don’t let the higher abandon the lower

yet the higher must abandon the lower.

thinking leads one in circles

non-thinking, one grasps it immediately

yet don’t forget to think

and don’t engage in non-thinking

third chakra.

get it in order, and the entire kingdom is glorified

leave it in disorder, and it’s all begloomed and crumbling.

Rottenness reaching the waterways, it’s all fucked.

It being all fucked, misery.

Misery, crying and wailing.

Friends are foes.

Foes are friends.

Yet keep your friends near.

And keep the foes far.

But check in on the foes.

And get away from your friends.

Do right by life, and exalt death.

To live is to die,

to die is to rise.

by deeds is one measured

by the feather on the scale

proof’s in the pudding.

the crazy are good-looking.

so clear the eyes.

how do you do that?

by clearing the third chakra

how’s that cleared then?

fasting and feasting

fasting from death

feasting on life

leave it behind

Michael on the right.

white flight won’t make it right

the might of night won’t be felled in one strike

multiple passes

temptation tits and asses

to be wise skip classes

yet listen to your teachers

sidelines and bleachers

are for cowards and admirers

front and center

are for saints and sinners

the loser emerges as the winner

yet more power to the winners for they lead the people

it’s best to be unequal

and in so doing make a rich stone soup

feeding humanity

i writhe in my vanity

a beautiful insanity

a well regimented calamity

bloody swords in amity

Love your family

bid them well as you say goodbye

up the mountain learn to fly

so the valley awaits

plates of the hungry masses

fasten lashes on trashes

while grandpa leads masses

fate seeks the thrill

to build on the hill

a monument to pills

and pussy and parler

damned by the mother and father

but honor them too

not larger than life

them proud boys know strife

devil spirit in the knife

clash with death in the name of life

and finally rise

memories of creamy thighs

but now planted in the skies

the love of all without exception

given and taken pause for reflection

unconditional all-inclusive oneness

for the damned and the blessed

Copyright (c) 2021, Justin Jaucian

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